Big ups to everyone who came out to our first ever hip-hop show last night! Fittingly today I’m writing about rapper Angel Haze today. I remember first hearing about her in the bastion of logic and eloquence which is the youtube comments section of other female MC music videos. Whether it was Azaelia Banks or Iggy Azalea and the redundant debates over who was better several commenters kept saying “It’s neither, check out Angel Haze.”

This was back in probably March or April this year and I checked out a couple songs and it was decent but nothing that blew me away and just this week I heard this one and proclaimed fuckyeahthatsabanger. Jus’ catchy yu knoe?

Haze was born in Detroit and lived there until she was 16 before moving to New York with her fam. I think the argument of who the best female MC is is pretty redundant, comparable to who the G.O.A.T. is (Greatest of all time). Its just good to see more females getting represented for their work in rap. Enjoy


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