Emmy Lou

The Lion’s Roar

Happy Tuesday friends! There are times when I like to listen to songs with a melancholy air.  I also just really like the word “melancholy”.  Other times I like to listen optimistic songs with rosy lyrics and a cheery rhythm.  Today, I’m feeling something in between. After midterms, obnoxious assignments and the shenanigans that came with Halloweekend I am exhausted and run down, as I am sure all of you are.  “Emmylou” is the perfect combination of dim and jubilant.  The song is peaceful.  Hopefully, it will help you recharge your batteries and lift your spirits after the storm in preparation for tomorrow’s silliness.  And, just because First Aid Kit is an awesome, awesome band I threw in a second song for you.  Consider it a Halloween treat. :)

Happy Halloween!

– Emma

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