AC Newman

Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns


Trying to place that voice? That’s A.C. (or Allen Carl) Newman for ya – lead vocalist and songwriter for The New Pornographers, with three solo albums under his belt, father to a 7 month old, building his own recording studio in his backyard by hand, 44 years old, and still touring. Woo. If that resume doesn’t make you self-conscious, congrats!

“Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns” of Shut Down the Streets, which was released early October, is hands down my favourite off the album. The track is far from the raw sound that I’m usually into; it’s mature, calculated, and precise, all while managing to still be catchy as hell and full of heart. Switch in Billy Joel’s vocals and the song could have easily been part of Joel’s ’77 album The Stranger. And after making such a bold statement I hope you a) don’t hate me, and b) love the song as much as I do.


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