Eye Pattern Blindness


This band is weird. There’s no doubt. But in the music world, weirdness seems to go hand-in-hand with creativity.

The song begins with a simple bass and drums intro. Fifteen seconds in, the guitar comes in, and the tone on it is incredible. This song was the first song of theirs I listened to, and it was at this point in the song that I knew these guys were something special.

The album as a whole however is not incredibly consistent. It sounds like a few of the ideas for songs were very serious and well thought out, and those songs are absolute gems. One or two of the tracks though, they sound like they were just goofing around during recording. I hope their next release lives up to the band’s potential, because they honestly have it. You can tell from this song alone.

This is the strongest piece off of the album. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, and especially if you’re looking for some good, modern psychadelia, the album is definitely worth a listen. Enjoy your journey.


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