In true City and Colour fashion If I Should Go Before You, is transendiary.  Dallas Green encapsulates everything we love about his music in this album. Folk, Rock and sultry acoustics flow through our speakers and into our hearts. This album, like his others, is a love letter to the lovesick. The music makes us believe that his voice can heal our broken hearts and sew up all our open wounds. His anger and grief that comes across lets the listener feel with him and understand the lyrics in their own personal way. Some tracks on this album, like Wasted Love are more uplifting and less “Save Your Scissors”-esque. But a song like “Friends” draws us in with its gritty and vulnerable vocals, almost  like someone close to you telling a story you never want to stop hearing. City and Colour never comes up short and we continue to be in awe of Dallas Green because of it. This album is a magnitude of sound that makes us want to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and let all our troubles subside for a while. If I Should Go Before You, has a little pop influence that can be heard in songs like “Lover Come Back” and “ Map of the World”. Green is channeling a pop-folk vibe, showing us that although he is sticking to his original sound, he is incorporating new styles into his music in order to stay fresh in an ever evolving musical world. By no means are we saying that City and Colour is hanging up his melancholy and trading it in for a synthesizer, but the new album definitely shows us Green is able to grow without straying to far from his roots. This album is another tribute to the magic that lives inside a man with too many sorrows. Dallas, we salute you, this album rocks.

~ Nicole



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