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Firefly was the first song available for purchase from Hollerado’s 111 Songs Project, with the rest of the collection coming at ya March 24th. This unique and daunting endeavor of theirs involved writing and recording 111 custom songs for the fans that had pre purchased a special package upon the release of their killer sophomore album White Paint (I highly reccomend you read their whole explanation of the journey at hollerado.com).

Written for the lead singer’s wife, in reference to the time their apartment and everything in it was torched in a fire, this is an upbeat and catchy tune that hearkens back to their earlier material. There are a few elements in this single that are different in comparison to the soundscape of White Paint. I really like the inclusion of what I can only describe as a starship beep-bop sound effect, as well as the background clapping portion. For some reason this song makes me think of them playing this at a private show in a groovy retro decorated bowling alley, I don’t know why.

The opening guitar riff immediately grabs your ears’ attention, then as the drum kicks in your head will start bobbing until you find a full body groove as the chorus hits. With a mid level tempo, and lyrics that are uplifting gems of encouragement, combined with the imagery of summer nights, this tune can help battle the seasonal depression some of you may be feeling. The woah-oh-oh harmony is another part that adds to the song’s inherent catchiness. Listen closely to the instrumental bridge for some great guitar lines and a testament to their talent as a band.

I’ve been to a lot of Hollerado shows, somewhere in the double digits now. They’re unreal live. I’m kind of a fan.

– Margaret

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