Instant Need

Waiting ft. Madelyn Grant

Greetings from Vancouver! I saw Parisian producer FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) play a live set at Fortune on Saturday night and it was equally groovy as it was sweaty! (Seriously I was pouring water on my head ten minutes in). For those of you who wish to enjoy some sophisticated electronofunk, I strongly suggest you give a listen to his 2014 EP, Time For a Change. It’s real good stuff.

At his show, FKJ proved to be diverse talent, playing the keys, guitar and bass over his pre-looped tracks. One of my favourite songs, “Waiting” features the smooth vocals of Madelyn Grant, and reminds me a little of Odesza with a hip hop feel.

His show was a real kick off to the summer, and I know I’ll be listening to FKJ as I drive to and fro my silly  job for the next couple months. How about you? Check that EP!


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