For Girls Who Love To Sing


Going back a several months ago, while browsing for the latest music from Yellow Ostrich, I came across another band called Yellowbirds from Philadelphia. While the bands share similar names, they share some similar aspects as well.  Both of their songs here on The Vault are both calming and intricate, their names are similar… and I can only come to one conclusion: These two bands are actually the same band.

Okay not really. The similarities stop there. They may both have a somewhat “dream-pop” vibe but clearly their sounds are very different. There is a ton of reverb used on this track, and it is totally and absolutely effective. It makes the song feel as though you’re listening to it in some kind of dream sequence. And somehow this song invokes feelings of nostalgia in me solely through melody, while ignoring the lyrics. I can just see myself looking out the window of Ms. McDaniel’s Grade 2 class with this song playing in my head while I daydream about a sunnier and happier day.

– Matt

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