The Sheepdogs released their first EP in 2011 and have been on an unbelievable incline since. With the success of Learn & Burn going platinum and numerous Juno wins the band really had a lot to prove with their newest release, Future Nostalgia – at least for me. Their self-titled album was released back in 2012 and for the past three years has been the soundtrack to most things I do. Personally, I didn’t think there was a song that gave me bigger feels than “The Way it is” and was nervous to listen to their latest full length LP since their loss of guitarist Leot Hanson.

That is until I listened started listening to Future Nostalgia and its entirety this morning. Producer and front man Ewan Currie really stayed true to the Saskatoon retro rockers vibe. The 18-track album intimidated me at first but quickly got me addicted all over again to their modern but classic-rock style. The album promptly opens with a banger titled “I’m Gunna Be Myself” that really channels early 70’s nuances and is followed by numerous other rock hits such as “Downtown” and “Take A Trip” that are clearly influenced by God’s such as Zeppelin and Joplin.

My personal favourite is the down-tempo ballad “Jim Gordon.” The wistful back porch vibe of this track is almost unbearable. It throws me into nostalgia for a time that I haven’t even experienced. The final 6 tracks from this record flow together almost too heavenly to create a soulful and cohesive melody, closing the album to perfection. This is a method the five piece practiced in Learn & Burn as well. The title really does say it all, this is an album that will never age.

– Mel

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