This post will be really short.  I’m sorry but the Oscars are on as I’m writing this—I’m a film student this is kind of my homework.  Craig Cardiff will be in Kingston on Tuesday playing at Clark Hall.  And you should go—he’s Canadian and talented and it’s an excellent way to ease back into the Queen’s bubble life while catching up with some newly tanned friends.

Craig Cardiff is like the quientessential Canadian folk artist.  His music has a certain chilliness that you’d expect coming from a country with winters as cold as ours. Although I have yet to see him live I’ve heard nothing but good things about his shows which are incredibly moving and intimate.  I hate to say Craig Cardiff, he’s good check him out, and leave it at that because an artist with his talent deserves so thankfully his music speacks for itself.  Listen to “Gate” and then try to not want more, I dare you.

– Emma

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