Generational Synthetic


I’ve had Beach Fossils’ self-titled debut LP on heavy rotation for the last two years. The songs are brief and catchy, using doubled (often octaved) guitar lines as their centrepiece. While the riffs are great, the thing that made the album for me was the overall atmosphere. Shimmering and upbeat, the heavily filtered tunes really captured a groove I wanted in on.

“Generational Synthetic”, the first single off their upcoming sophomore album Clash The Truth, is a a definite change-up. It’s a lot more rhythm oriented, in that the drum levels are higher and the bass is more prominent with a post-punk, almost Joy Division-sounding feel. The closest things to Beach Fossils’ previous work are the vocals (although the lyrics are easier to decipher), and a guitar hook that serves as a bridge around 1:45. While the sound is different, it’s hardly a stark contrast, and feels like a natural evolution for a band shifting their focus from mood to lyrical content and dynamics. Clash The Truth is due out on February 19,  on Captured Tracks.


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