Get Held


In celebration of the re-issue of William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, I’m going for something a little (well actually a lot) more ambient this week. Geotic is the side project of Will Wiesenfield, who is best known for making the chill-wave/trip-hop songs of Baths. “Get Held” is off his self-released album Mend, and while the song alone is great, due to the nature of the music, the album should really be listened to in its entirety.

Song structure is unimportant here. The repetition and almost drone-like qualities of these simple melodies create a sound space that grows and builds without actually adding any layers. The length and complexity of the songs on Mend vary, but the overarching theme of warm, static, atmospheric soundscapes is consistent. There are no lyrics, no choruses, and if you’re waiting for the “drop”, you’ll be waiting an eternity.

All of Geotic’s albums (and there’s a surprising number of them for a side-project) are self-released and available for free download.


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