Get Me Golden


Terraplane Sun’s sophomore album Coyote is a good one to throw on when the sun’s shining and you can take a second to chill and appreciate life. Full of raw love and good vibes, the album’s sure to improve whatever mood you’re in. “Get Me Golden,” with it’s 1960s throwback California feel, is a personal favourite for when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. It’s a simple message presented in such a positive way – being upset will just waste your time, so you might as well accept where you are and go get what you want. I suggest listening to it during your study breaks in the upcoming weeks, as I know at least I will be needing this message a lot.

And I don’t know about you, but any band that puts in the effort to make an incredibly rad flyer for a $8 concert (see above) is the kind of band I want to support.

Stay golden!


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