A feather in a hat caught my eye…

I was lucky to come across the music behind the man behind that elusive feather a few times this summer at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. A project instigated by Colyn Cameron’s travels, Wake Owl joins Bon Iver, King Charles, and Bastille in the emerging ‘solo project turns band’ category. Although grammatically irritating (watch as I craftily avoid saying ‘he’ or ‘they’), these are often genuine collaborations born from the organic evolution of the music. Wake Owl is no exception to that description.

“Gold” is the first single released from the upcoming Wild Country EP. Having acquired “Seaside”by honest means earlier this summer, I am sharing this song (currently unavailable for purchase) with you now in the faith that come January 29th, a few of you flock to whatever your venue is, and purchase Wake Owl’s well-deserving EP. The raw and earthy tones are a consequence of Cameron’s musical and poetic talents. This Vancouver based sound is one that will soon be a staple in any mellow alt- folk collection.


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