Rah Rah - Good Winter (Cover)

Regina, Saskatchewan’s very own Rah Rah continues to deliver the goods with their latest single “Good Winter”, a great indie rock tune that is everything Canadian all at once. Seriously, this may be the most Canadian song of all time, with references to drunken tobogganing, Mark Messier, Guy Lafleur and curling. Are you kidding me? Curling?! Folks, it doesn’t get any more Canadian than that. On top of everything, this song also boasts a stupidly catchy chorus that will have you singing along right off the bat. It’s a fun poppy song with playful lyrics and all the right ingredients to get you out of your seat and groovin’ away. Rah Rah’s 4th studio album Vessels is to be released this March 2015 so get excited!

– Eric, out.

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