In light of  my overwhelming obsession of  Beyoncé’s ***Flawless released this week, sharing A K U A today seemed like a natural transition. Born and raised in London, ON, Akua Carson (pronounced “a-koo-ah”) is killing it repping Canadian women in music. Self-described as ‘remote soul’, Akua draws inspiration from artists like Little Dragon and CocoRosie, who as she claims are “examples of how you can still perform soul, but not be fit into a neat little box.” Another element detectable in her sound is Akua’s love of collage work – something that if you’d ever walked into a Vault meeting, you’d see we love too.

“Gravity”, off her debut EP, One’s Company, released earlier this year, is reminiscent of that love and has a little bit of everything. Starting off embodying what you’d imagine remote soul would be and bursting into life around the three minute mark with Akua showcasing that not only is her voice beautifully sultry but she can be equally fierce.

Not only can she bring it in her music, but Akua’s commitment to women’s outreach makes her an admirable player in the music scene too. Since hitting the scene, she’s worked with Girls Action Foundation and Rock Camp for Girls, doing vocal coaching and art-based youth programs for young girls around Montreal. Let’s hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of A K U A in 2014.


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