Greed Waltz

When you discover a song and you really like it, you think to yourself,”I have to see what else they’ve come up with.” And then you search the internet intensely until you’re satisfied with what you’ve found. When I discovered Do Make Say Think this week, that’s exactly what I did. Finding out that they have been releasing albums dating back to 1997 definitely satisfied my hunger to find more of their material. All of it is incredible. Not a single song is mediocre in any way, shape or form.

“Greed Waltz”, believe it or not, is a live recording that was recorded in 2010 and was just released a few months ago on their label’s Soundcloud page. The fact that something this good was done live shows just how talented this band is. They’re on a tour in Europe right now, and hopefully they will be coming to Canada sometime soon. When they do, I’m grabbing a ticket at the first chance I get.


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