Sometimes it’s good to listen to some relaxing, thought-provoking music that allows you to sit down in a quiet place and get introspective and contemplative for a bit. But other times it’s good to have your face blasted off by bone crushing riffs, distorted drums and enough noise to bring the fucking house down. If you’re feeling like the latter, have I got the band for YOU.

METZ are a three-piece band from Toronto, nee Ottawa. Their sound is nothing particularly innovative; Fuzzed out guitar, heavy as hell bass lines, furious drumming, and frantic, barely intelligible vocals. I’ve heard it called punk, post-hardcore, fuzz rock, it doesn’t matter. These guys are rocking harder than anybody else out there right now, and they manage to capture that energy in their recordings.

METZ just released their self-titled debut album on Sub Pop, and “Headache” is a great introduction. “Headache” is a short but sweet affair that coasts on a single, surging riff that’ll make you want to go put your head through a wall (that’s a good thing).

It’s not for everybody all the time, but there’s a certain rawness and authenticity that make METZ definitely worth a listen.


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