Christopher OwensHere We Go Again


A few months after the breakup of Girls last year, lead singer/songwriter Christopher Owens announced he was in the midst of releasing a solo album. While Owen’s is growing up and moving on, his sound has travelled in the opposite direction. Lysander (released January 15th) is gentle, innocent, and a perfect soundtrack for your Sunday morning coffee. The album presents a love story of a real girl named Lysander that Owens met while on tour with Girls, and the trials and tribulations of their love.

“Here We Go Again” (conveniently found three tracks after “Here We Go”) departs from the albums dominant dream-like instrumentals and gets back to Owens surf rock roots, complete with female “ou-la-la-la”s and a distinctly 1960s Orange County guitar solo. The tune ends with 58 seconds of a polite stewardess asking us to prepare for take-off. Not too sure where Owens was going with that one, but thankfully you’re one ‘next’ button click away from the next ditty.


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