Just Blaze x BaauerHigher


Carly goes trap! Nope, it’s not Sunday yet, and I’m not Cam, but “Higher” has been bursting my eardrums all week and I need it to be bursting yours too. The genre bending banger is filled with wobbling bass lines, solid drops, and just the right amount of Jay-Z to make you want to throw down wherever you are. Even with each dominating in their respective genres, bringing electronic influences to anything is a risky feat in my opinion. The EDM lovers don’t think the drops are dirty enough and pretty much everyone else thinks EDM sounds like dial-up internet. Thankfully for us, Blaze and Baauer were able to pull their skills together to create a perfect balance of the two with “Higher”.

Hopefully the track’s enough to wake you from that midterm rut and get you pumped to party with us this Saturday at our second Vault Unlocked show. Don’t miss it!


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