Hold Me 

Do You Want What I Need


Browsing through the new releases in CFRC’s music library (a magical place… the perks of being a volunteer at your campus radio station), I unexpectedly stumbled upon my most recent obsession, Jetlag. Although this is Canadian artist Michael Milosh’s fourth album under his solo moniker Milosh, he is likely most recently recognized as the voice behind Rhye. Jetlag is a tribute to his love affair with his wife, Alexa, with recordings of laughter and conversations from their intimate moments appearing throughout. In ‘Do What You Need,’ he used his wife’s body as an instrument, drumming her stomach and brushing her skin. Noises from various components of daily life, such as pots and pans and bathtubs, also found themselves scattered throughout Jetlag. Milosh has the incredible ability to meld his vocals into the piece, as a component rather than the focal point. As well, he achieves the ever-elusive task of capturing emotion, and is able to preserve that genuine sentiment of the song through production, the result being an organic and sensual sound. Michael Milosh draws the inspiration and the drive behind his art from his own life. Written at a time when Milosh was discovering the sadness and beauty behind his love of his wife, it makes for some slow and sexy tunes. From the production to the photography, he attributes the creative ownership solely to him and his wife, as only they truly understand the meaning behind these beautiful, and intensely intimate pieces of music.

Find yourself a copy of the album (pop into CFRC and borrow theirs!), and give it a listen once through. Be warned, you will feel.

– Kate

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