“Study hard, go to school, graduate, get a job, make money, be successful”. The next time someone says this to you my advice is to tell them to fuck off because you’re twenty and know everything there is about life. And then storm away. Though if you want to take a less confrontational route, just tell them to listen to Austra, who has done the exact opposite and is probably way more successful than they are. After singing in the Canadian Children’s Choir Chorus and being trained as a classical pianist, Katie Stelmanis, lead singer and songwriter, decided she didn’t want to move to Montreal to go to university, so instead she did every parent’s worst nightmare and “decided to just not go to college, get a job, save up for five years and go on tour.” And we’re grateful she did.

As a follow up to the Toronto-based band’s 2010 album, Feel It Break, Austra has announced June 18th as the release date for their sophomore LP, Olympia. ”Home” is the first single off the album and was worth the three year wait. Woven through the driving piano, occasional flute solos, and Katie’s exceptional vocals is an emotionally charged story, which is something missing from the majority of electronic tracks. This would also be a good tune to show people when they tell you electronic music isn’t real music. Here’s to breaking societal norms!


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