Hunting Season

Song 8

Straight out of Toronto’s Parkdale region is the super charismatic 5-piece band, Hands & Teeth. With 4 out of the 5 members having a mic in front of them, it allows for some wicked vocal harmonies. Not to mention, each of the singers are fantastic vocalists in their own right, but the harmonies they compose allow for the band as a whole to really shine.

Their most recent album, Hunting Season uses its catchy melodies and vocal harmonies extensively, all while being more than creative enough to avoid sounding like a one-trick-pony. The title track off the album starts off with a Bob Dylan-esque feel and as the song progresses, it continually gets better and better. These last two tracks off of Hunting Season really show just how good this band is.

If you’ve never heard of Hands & Teeth before, then you’ve definitely been missing out. With a new album due out in the near future, fans of the band can only hope the group will get some much deserved recognition from a wider audience after its release. They’ve recorded a few of the tracks thus far and are continuing the effort while touring at the same time. After the release of Hunting Season in January last year, the band followed it up with a relatively small tour ending at The Mansion in Kingston. With another show at Kingston’s The Mansion on May 25th, expect a great show from these guys. They are fantastic.

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