the folk

I Care (If You Care)


The Folk are self described as a “band in conversation.” Possibly because four powerful vocalists work together to create a sort of wall of sound.  At heart of which is Sara Bortolon- Vetter who is every bit as full-of-life as her stage presence suggests.  Or, the description can be taken in literal reference to the actual sidebar conversations the members have on stage with one another while playing.   You see them exchanging glances, jokes, laughs and moments in between playing chords just as we, the audience, do with our own friends around us.  But my degree in over analyzing and construing meaning behind words, images and sounds (*film) has me believe that  by “band in conversation” they mean a band in progression: hard to pin down, dynamic in their sound and still exploring the routes it can lead them.

It doesn’t matter really. Just give them a listen, these guys are GOOD.

– Emma

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