Go Bird Go

I Don’t Care If I Ever Come Down


Right off the bat, “I Don’t Care If I Ever Come Down” had me hooked. Composed by Toronto based musician Jay McCarrol, his latest EP Go Bird Go is a refreshing departure from his tried, tested, and true brand of folk rock (equally worth your listening time, however). What makes this track so effective are its subtleties, that when brought together cultivate such a full soundscape. A simple riff, mean fuzz bass, numerous overlapping synths, and those harmonized melodies. It’s not difficult to float along with the casual enthusiasm this track delivers – I think that is one of the greatest strengths of this composition. Despite the oversaturation found within the often fleeting, indie/electro-pop genre, “I Don’t Care If I Ever Come Down” is a prime example of one of those exceptional standouts that accomplishes what many acts fail to actualize. It’s also just so damn fun.

– Paul

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