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Cloud 69

Yes. That is a kitten pouncing in front (out?) of a pair of women’s legs. Spread open.  It is also the album cover for Lowell’s —Canadian alt-pop siren/ producer/ song writer/ visual artist/ feminist/ latest addition to the Arts & Crafts roster and latest addition to my own list of admirable woman, landing somewhere between Amy Milan and my mom—EP I killed Sara V. This is the perfect 2014pop album.  A synth heavy, beat driven, pop album that is volatile, feminine and, as I scrape the bottom of my vocabulary bucket, punchy. A pop album with #swag.

             I Killed Sara V. is provocative, assertive, and at only 5 tracks enough to get you hooked but not not enough to keep you satisfied- stay tuned for a full length later this year.  Album standouts for me are “The Bells,” and “Cloud 69.” Both of which are currently on my running play list. The later of which is on it twice. It’s that good.

Lowell’s music, on top of being really fucking rad, deals with topics surrounding female sexuality and identity.  Any woman on stage is up there representing all of us. So, in a personal note from me, a young woman who goes to a lot of shows, to Lowell, a young woman with mounds of talent breaking in to a [still] largely male dominated field effectively using her voice and representing herself strongly: Thank you.

– Emma

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