Stella Ella Ola




Try Try Die




This is the debut album from a band called Stella Ella Ola, the tragically underappreciated side project of a few members from a little band that you might have heard of called Hollerado. The band’s signature style of short and catchy songs sets them apart from the usual Toronto indie rock, as does their captivating front woman Anne Douris. They have a definite garage rock stamp, with imperfectly polished vocals and the use of electric guitar to fill the empty spaces songs. Their subject material is light and fun, mostly about boys and girls and having good times with friends. Aside from the great name, this album has a lot going for it, being  easy to like and easy to work into the soundtrack of your life.

The track “Try Try Die” has a stream of low, humming vocals that typify their singing style. The electric guitar lines and short solo demonstrate the high level of skill that lies behind the band’s casual approach. There are a few tracks from the band’s LP that predates the album, including the especially catchy “Donna,” which nicely showcases the inventive style of the band with the fast talking bridge. The tight percussion can be heard in this song, as it takes a more prominent but not overbearing role. Several songs on the album use this technique, and it helps to create stand out refrains within tracks that are already catchy. Another trend through the album is the vocal contributions from various members of the band, lending a good range as heard in “Summerette”. If you ever have the chance to catch these guys live definitely jump on it, their sound translates really well onto stage and they always put on a great show.

– Margaret

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