I Won’t Let It


Dan Romano is the former frontman of Attack in Black, one of the most underrated Canadian bands of the last decade. Attack in Black started off as punk with hints of folk, but by their last album they were folk with just vestigial remnants of their earlier punk days. However, after the break-up, Daniel Romano went full on country. Yes, country, but calm down. It’s not some nu-country bastardization filled with songs about tractors and beer.

This is some of the most soulful country I’ve ever heard; narrative ballads about love, loss and the pursuit of something better. They’re really just fantastic folk songs at heart, complimented by pedal steel, fiddle, and lush backup vocals.

“I Won’t Let It” is a single off Daniel Romano’s Polaris prize-nominated album Sleep Beneath The Willow. It’s a great tune with a brilliantly simple chorus that hits you right in the chest. Challenge yourself a bit and give this a listen. By the end of the second chorus, as the whole song slows down to allow him to hold on to those lingering last few words, you’ll be as hooked as I am.

Be sure to catch Daniel on December 1st at The Grad Club.


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