No Tellin’



Good lord. Drake’s done it again. This album sometime early this morning. I’ve only given the album a preliminary listen-through, besides a good banger is usually something which doesn’t strike me as amazing the first time I listen to it but two weeks sneaks up on me like a well-trained assassin and makes me go “woooh that’s FIRE!”. However, that being said here a few tracks that I dig so far from the get-go.

Legend starts off the album with a sound that’s becoming signature to a lot of Drake’s tracks, reminds me of some of the tracks on Nothing Was The Same.  I’ve included the track No Tellin’ which features fellow Toronto artists River Tiber who are a fantastic up and coming group. Coming up near the end of the album is Jungle (also the title of the ArtHaus film he released recently), a slower ballad-esque track where Drake sings but also sort of raps at the same time; needless to say the beat is nice and it’s catchy.

These days I don’t buy a ton of albums but I went for it with this one, hopefully I’ll be able to discern whether the entire album is certified fire in a couple weeks but the current verdict is a yes.



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