Confessions (ft. Leland Whitty)


Can’t Leave The Night 


After endlessly listening to BBNG and BBNG2, expectations were extremely high for the third edition of the series. BADBADNOTGOOD is an experimental jazz trio from Toronto, who fuse hip-hop, electronica and of course jazz in to their music. Unlike their last two albums, III is an entirely original release, showcasing some complex textures and layered original content. On the last two albums, Matthew Taveres, Chester Hansen and Alexander Sowinski experiment on The Legend of Zelda soundtrack to Kanye West, blending heavy percussions, bass lines and melodic keyboard work.

The record starts off strong with the track ‘Triangle’, picking up from where the trio left off. When the familiar BBNG percussion kicks in, you know that you’re in for a real treat. The single off the album, ‘Can’t Leave the Night’ does not disappoint either. The subtleties and the teasing throughout the song are accentuated by the combination of the mystical piano lines, kick drum patterns and muted bass notes. Furthermore, the track features a catchy arpeggio and multiple synth tracks throughout

One of my favorite tracks on the album is ‘Confessions’, mainly because you can clearly distinguish between the jazz and R&B elements. Saxophonist, Leland Whitty is featured yet again, bringing classical jazz vibes to the album, just like how he provided a loungy jazz feel in ‘UWM’ and ‘Earl’ on BBNG2. Whitty’s laid back funk groove just WORKS with the rhythmic vibes of the drums and keyboard, as well as the calculated bass notes.

III finishes strong with the hip-hop influenced track ‘CS60’. The mixture of the ambient intro and crescendos bring a unique sound to the table. Not only do the sounds convey power but it also showcases a sort of gentleness. It would be interesting to hear a Frank Ocean or Miguel hook on a BBNG tune, like this one, in the future.

While III isn’t a perfect record, the sounds that the trio produces are undeniably unique and well crafted. I look forward to hearing more material from these talented musicians in the future. Be sure to check them out at Fort York at the Field Trip Festival this summer.

– Freddy

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