I believe that everyone has a time and a place when they reconnect with their true loved ones.

Did you think I meant your significant other? If so, I’d like to take this time to kindly remind you that Valentine’s Day is long gone and (to my great pleasure) won’t be returning for another 358 days so let’s talk about more important things here. The loved ones are those songs hidden away among the some-thousands in your iTunes that, whenever you stumble upon it once again, it feels like the very first time you met.

My time and place to reconnect, is the day before I hop on a flight heading somewhere new, sitting on my bedroom floor in front of the daunting mess I’ve made trying to decide what to pack. Here, is when and where, I sit down and scroll through those some-thousands and make myself a killer playlist to happily soar me through the clouds.

Today is that day. And before iTunes has a chance to open I already know this track is going to be the first on this playlist. This Montreal-based indie-pop band released their first album, The Chase, in just April of last year but their fan base has been on the rise so quickly ever since, that no one can keep up. Can you blame ‘em? Lead singer Sabrina Halde’s voice perfectly aligns with orchestral brilliance to create an undeniable sound that will leave you wanting more. Halde describes this debut album as “the pursuit of an ideal, the desire to be in constant evolution, our tendency to put ourselves in danger to understand what we’re made of. It’s also about taking risks, for our own self, alone or with someone”. In my opinion, it is implausible to homogenize these tracks, as each one triggers a different kind of charmed sensation. But on a greater level, there is such an overwhelming unity in this album. Let this track ease its way into your heart, then head on over to their Bandcamp for more.

-Alex Chung

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