Enoch Ncube of “Enoch Loves You”, a Toronto based artist fresh out of Queens, recently contacted the Vault. Admittedly, I had no idea who this mystery artist was, so I found out. I was blown away by his unique style and one song in particular “import.file” really caught my attention.

Right away you get drawn into a transic beat, which made me feel like I was walking down a dark alleyway in the middle of the night. The lyrics that follow are short but to the point, and that point is Enoch can drop some fucking bars.

His flow is comparable to that of a less angry Tyler the Creator, or Childish Gambino if we turned down the BPM on his tracks. It’s a consistent flow of ear nourishing fire.

I reached out to Enoch to find out a bit about his inspiration. When he told me “Kanye, Tyler the Creator, Flying Lotus, and Kevin Abstract” were some of his inspirations, it did not come as much of a shocker. The Flying Lotus influence was easy to pick out in the foundations of his beat, however I also sensed some Flume vibes at work around the 1:12 mark in the song.

He just finished a colab about five months ago with an artist named Erez, but I cannot wait to hear what more’s to come. I’ll leave you with this quote fron Enoch, “Stevie Wonder is my god, Pharrell is my musical father and Kid Cudi is my Jesus”.


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