I’ve recently been in awe, and in gratitude, of musicians who have dedicated their time and toil to mastering their art of sound. With their new album In The Pines, AroarA joins this list, showing us that the true worth of these thousand hours is the ability to manipulate and to use sound to explore whatever mystery they choose, and whatever mystery we are lucky enough to be able to delve into alongside them.

The enchanting Montreal minimalist duo Aroara bring us to a deeply dramatic place with, “In The Pines.” This album is the result of a connection between two artists; the namesake being a collection of poems by Alice Notley. Reading this vivid description of Ariel Engel and Andrew Whiteman’s stirring experience with Alice Notley’s work appropriately introduces the depth and intensity of this album.

“In the pines, i began to read it, and it started singing to me… voices spoke from across a spirit divide, and sudden colours ripped open the shadowy night scenes and country-poor sepia. i can’t tell you what it is ‘about’. … it concerns a woman who follows her soul into death’s world. she encounters ancestors, relatives, and figures of male power  with whom she must negotiate & navigate.”

These songs are hypnotic and bewitching. This is music made to put you in a daze. This is music made to evoke images of mystery- whatever shape mystery will take in your mind. Personally, I can’t help but succumb to hazy images of dark forests and creatures and distant lights…

So give it a listen and see what you see.

AroarA will join us at the Grad Club this Saturday. Don’t miss this one Kingston!


– Kate

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