Into The Atmosphere
I was struck by how interesting the Toronto band Dusted was as they opened for The Wooden Sky at Kingston’s Grad Club a couple months back, and am thrilled to have the chance to write about them. The group is comprised of two core members: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) on vocals and guitar, and drummer Leon Taheny. For those ears struck by Holy Fuck, I’ll have you know Dusted is quite different. Brian Borcherdt has strayed away from the electronic drum machine and synth so readily associated with Holy Fuck, and is now producing something notably more organic. My favourite song off the band’s debut album, Total Dust, is a lo-fi, spacey tune titled “Into the Atmosphere” (and appropriately titled so). I find myself completely engrossed, and my surroundings consequently slowed as I listen in. That distant, lo-fi guitar has me in a contemplative trance right off the bat, while the striking sound of multiple vocalists singing in unison captures my attention for the duration of the modest 2:52 song. I find it an interesting experience listening to “Into the Atmosphere”. The verses of the song put me into a very melancholic mood, while the bridge and chorus provide me with something a little more hopeful: a feeling that I think is largely attributed to the energetic, extremely rhythmic sounds produced by drummer Taheny. “Into the Atmosphere” is the perfect summer song to listen to as you sit in the sun and watch the world go by.
For those lucky ones in Toronto,  Dusted will be performing on June 20th, 10 pm at Smiling Buddha as a part of NXNE.
– Maddy

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