Now this is a release I’m excited about! “Ironworks” is the second single from Obsidian, the upcoming sophomore album by Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld. His first album, Cerulean, was lumped into the whole chillwave genre of 2010, but it looks like he’s really changing paces with Obsidian. “Ironworks” lacks the trip hop-like urgency of a lot of tracks off his first album, and the falsetto vocals are far more prominent (lyrics are intelligible). The whole song is pretty sparse and airy, exaggerated by its almost complete lack of a bottom end. Wiesenfeld has already exhibited this more subdued side of himself with his ambient side project Geotic.

It’s hard to talk in depth about an album that hasn’t been released yet, but if “Ironworks” is any indication, Baths will remain an innovative force in the electronic-meets-singer/songwriter world. Obsidian is out May 28 on Anticon.


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