Jason Collett

You’re Not the One and Only Lonely One

Jason Collett is no amateur to the songwriting scene. This man has been putting out LPs since 2000 and was one of the first musicians to sign to the Arts & Crafts record label. Along with Broken Social Scene and Feist, Jason Collett remains to be one of Arts & Crafts’ premier (and earliest) acquisitions.

(Fun fact: Zeus, one of the previous bands whose show we reviewed from the Grad Club, was actually Collett’s backing band around the time they released their album, Say Us in 2010.)

“You’re Not the One and Only Lonely One” is my favourite song on Reckon and continues to show Collet’s diversity in the folk rock genre. Reckon exceeds any of my expectations that I held after hearing his older works. On top of that, this LP has the largest number of songs on any of his previous releases and it’s the first album of his to be fully featured, track by track, online.

The entire album is available for a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/arts-crafts/sets/jason-collett-reckon



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