Paper Girl

FUCKING ELECTRIC. You may not know it yet, but trust me, this is a band you are dying to see live.  I could start out by using some vague words to describe them. Words like cool, edgy, energetic and passionate—all of which are accurate, but these words can be said about almost any one. Tripe expressions like these don’t do this band any justice.

Peter and Leah are the duo that fronts July Talk.  I had the opportunity to interview them and they are lovely people that take this project very seriously.  I asked them who their influences were and Peter said that they didn’t really have any; their music is created through the conversation between them. Their sound exists in that moment in a heated discussion when both parties have contributed words loaded with energy and emotions and have now reached a level of frustration is so high, all you can do is scream.   I realized after the show that any attempt to compare July Talk to another group or artist would only be in vain.  This concept of a conversation becomes very clear when they are on stage.  Peter and Leah have such an intimate way of interacting with each other on stage that manages to both establish their relationship and highlight a certain level of conflict.

I definitely recommend buying and listening to their first album, but I also want to emphasize that their live shows are an entity of their own; a lot is added to their music through their performance. The band has so much attention to detail that Peter and Leah wore only black and white while on stage.  My guess is that they use the contrasting colours to visually represent the contrast that drives their music. Yeah, these guys are serious artists and crazy talented performers but they are also entertaining as shit.  Being in that audience was a party. For the first song of their set Peter came down from the stage and played with the crowd.  They made it clear from the start that this was not one of those shows where everyone is waiting for a hook or for them to play their best song at the end.  They played every song with intention and made sure that the audience knew that each song had an equally important role in the show. Every song was received with the same level of enthusiasm and energy.  I had fun throughout the entire show, they played an hour set and I thought it was over too soon.

July Talk is very much a project.  It is about more than just creating music; there is definitive motivation behind the sound.  This is a band I will be keeping tabs on.  Peter and Leah have started something really— there is no word that describes it better than what it is– they have started July Talk.  I can’t wait to see where they take it.  Last night’s show was one of the best I’ve seen in a really long time, I will be gushing about it until the next time I see them.   If you weren’t there last night, oh man, you missed out.


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