When I met Glass Towers, it was late at night on a cricket pitch in the small town of Alstonville in Northern New South Wales, sometime in 2010. I think they were still in high school, and all I really remember is that they thought my Canadian accent was hilarious, they all had a huge thing for Tokyo Police Club, and someone had a grocery bag full of bush weed. Anyway, I chatted with the guys, I promised to like their band on facebook, and that was that.

Subsequently, I’ve watched them evolve into a really sleek, cactchy and interesting indie rock band. They seem to be getting pretty popular down under, and have released an EP and a couple of great singles. I think Jumanji is my favourite, it’s got a tight dueling guitars and a furious bass on the opening riff. The chorus is huge, and sounds familiar enough to be likeable yet innovative enough to be exciting. The whole feel of the song is great, with just enough reverb on the vocals, and the overall mixing makes the song fluid and slick. Glass Towers are still going strong and are putting out a debut album soon enough. From what I remember, they’re pretty cool dudes.


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