Keep On


Ending one of the best semesters for live music, ever, is an equally amazing exam period.  I know of a few people (myself included) who are finished early but sticking around just to go to shows.   Playing at two of  these shows at the Mansion, one tomorrow with HIGHS and next week at the Two Hours Traffic farewell show, will be Kingston’s own Ten Sleep.

I only just discovered this band so I am excited to see what they’re like live but for now I’m loving their EP Departure.  Like so many of our little town’s bands Ten Sleep is a really good guitar band.  It’s rock music; these songs have enough energy to get us dancing and they’re just moody enough. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played “Keep On” since discovering Ten Sleep a few days ago but the bigger mystery here is how am I just hearing about this band?

– Emma

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