Brothers Among Wera


King of the Baltic Sea 




I have been waiting for this EP for a while now! After stumbling upon the glorious ‘Waltz’ last year as a stand out track amidst the flood of emails we receive, I’ve been following them closely. These have been songs that I’ve shared with some of my favourite friends, and set as background tunes to some of my favourite memories. I still love these Swedish beauties as much as I did on my first post on ‘Waltz,’ however of notable addition to my notes is how much I love how much my friends love Brothers Among Wera. (Especially Erin.)

The perfect combination of sentiment and celebration, of folk and friendship.

One day, when The Vault’s budget is large enough, I promise you we will fly these Swedish beauties out for a backyard festival. In the meantime, go buy their album so they can afford to continue making wonderful music, and hopefully, to get them all on a plane and out to Canada!

– Kate

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