Lady Luck



I first heard Pickwick in their fucking stunning Doe Bay Session back in 2011, and have been waiting for March 12, 2013 ever since. That day, that glorious day, marked the release of their first full-length album, Can’t Talk Medicine. Releasing miscellaneous singles and sessions here and there, Pickwick has lovingly cradled my adoration and generous acclaim, until that long awaited day.

Can’t Talk Medicine is and was and will be cycling through my mind for a while… it’s been good for my head, and may be good for yours, too. It’s hearty and deep: full of moments to draw you into yourself; and moments to make you want to hurl yourself into the world and dance and shout and dive and fall.

Whoever “Lady Luck” is, I have fallen for her; this song showcases a mysterious, soft side of this album. “Hacienda Motel” is a Pickwick song that has been around for a while now, and is gloriously true to the vibe of this band.

– Kate

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