Hello. How are you? I too am well. The weather here is improving. I think of you often as well. Please send photograph with your next correspondence. Regards.

But seriously, spring is in the air here in South Ontario and what better way to celebrate than with a collaboration by up and coming Manchester trio DeLix and Congolese rapper Bedos? This song came my way earlier this week and I was feelin’ it right off the bat. I find hip-hop is one of those genres where you really have to grasp the intricacies of a language and it’s slang to appreciate the lyrics. Therefore, as a Tête-carée being somewhat fluent I’m probably only grasping how awesome these lyrics are at 50% capacty. Also, the frenetic beat DeLix throws down underneath is how do you say, très piff. According to one of the members of the trio they’re currently working towards releasing an Album/EP around the end of this year with a solid mélange of genres. Until then I’d recommend bumping this while you shed your winter coats.

We out,


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