Lazaretto Jack WhiteLazaretto

Fresh off the success of his 2012 album, Blunderbuss, Blues-rock pioneer and Third Man Studio’s executive Jack White is set to release a brand new LP, Lazaretto​, on June 10th. Jack made waves this April on Record Store Day by releasing the first single off the album as the fastest record release in history, taking just under four hours to record, mix and press the single onto 7″ vinyl. Despite the speed at which the song was created, it sounds polished and provides everything we would expect from the former White Stripe and Raconteur. It includes a gut-busting, twangy guitar solo and a breaks down half way through that builds again into a head-banging, fiddle soloing wall of sound. Not bad for an afternoon’s work? White also announced he will be releasing an ULTRA version of the LP onto vinyl that will includes a whole host of weird and cool features including a holographic image, hidden tracks inside the labels, alternate intros which merge together halfway through the song and many more! Keep your eyes peeled for Lazaretto, available on June 10th!

– Tim


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