Leave Me Alone 

Ayo readers. Wha’ do? It’s been awhile, I was doing some stuff down in South America (one of them being getting acquainted with some most excellent music). But I’m back and I come bearing gifts from Montreal. Kaytranada released this track today in the wee hours and needless to say c’est un hit en esti!

I’ve always admired Kaytranada’s smooth, 80’s but not in a cliche way style, his R&B samples, and general swagger (see above). A good friend of mine who is a Mtl native recalls only last year when he was a relative nobody outside of the Belle Provence and then just blew up and currently travels the world working with heaps of big names. For a good progression of his music career check out his work with Quebec Rapper Robert Nelson, he was called Kaytradamus back then, and his remix of If by Janet Jackson which some would say was his big breakthrough.

Get ready for the coming school year as we’ll be churning out plenty more material and heaps of interesting projects within Queen’s and Kingston.


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