© Chris Graham Photo 2015
© Chris Graham Photo 2015

Library Voices is a group of childhood friends formed in the basements of Regina. LOVISH, their second full length LP is set to release this Friday, November 5th. The album opens with the line “All of your heroes, they’re all assholes/but that don’t mean you should piss on your dreams” This theme continues for the next forty or so minutes while the once ten piece, now six piece band somehow both dances and stomps on your heart while shit talking our present world just enough for you to love it. LOVISH, a much darker album compared to their last LP, Summer of Lust is a reflection on a confusing and cynical outlook on love and life. Most, if not all artists struggle with the theme of love. Library Voices grasps the theme of loss and acceptance of losing love during youth in a refreshing way, making a beautifully broken heart something that we long for.

With their preppy and polished sound in their past, Library Voices has released an album full of concise indie hooks, saxophone and analog synths. This guitar centric 11-song affair is nothing less than an unapologetically honest work of art. Well still staying true to their up-tempo vibe the band describes the album as “our stab at bastardizing classic rock.” There is something so very raw about Library Voices to me; I have never heard something that makes me want to run through damp dimly lit street while dancing, laughing and crying all at once. LOVISH truly is an out of body experience. The band recorded this album in in an old funeral home, which is evident in their new more grungy sound. My recommendation to you for the perfect first listen is turn the lights down and the volume up- scream, cry, get high, do it all.

– Mel

Stream the album on CBC until Friday:

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