jake bugg

Lightning Bolt

Girls everywhere who, like me, were heart broken when the news that Aaron Taylor- Johnson’s (the heartthrob playing John Lennon in Nowhere Boy) marriage reached their ears, can put their hearts back together and start loving again because now we have Jake Bugg. Bonus: he actually is a super dreamy, mega talented British musician in real life not just in film.  Are you just over the moon? I am. His lyrics and his voice are years beyond him.  He’s only 19 but you would never guess that from listening to him. Maybe it’s the realness in his lyrics, maybe it’s the country flavour in his music or maybe it’s the twang in his voice but there’s something here that reminds me of Bob Dylan.  And that’s about the highest praise I can give.

Jake Bugg will be playing at Osheaga this year, as well as T in the Park. His name is written in undeservingly small print and listed near the bottom.  For those of you who missed it consider this a lesson in reading the fine print.

– Emma

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