The Toronto based band PUP is the perfect introduction to punk rock for those like myself who have not always had that music circulating too high up on their personal playlists. The band’s sound has a definite influence from the vibrant indie rock scene in Toronto, as they blend catchy hooks and melodies into their loud and raucous style.

Lionheart is a track off the band’s debut self titled album that was released last year. Listen for the hard hitting on the drums and searing guitar lines that are used to fill out the sound. The full band vocals also add to the volume and intensity. This song in particular has a very catchy guitar riff that is another great element adding to the composition.

Formerly known as Topanga (yes that’s deliberate nod to Boy Meets World), the band’s new name is an acronym for “Pathetic Use of Potential”, but I would have to disagree with that because every time I’ve seen these guys live everyone has a wild time, so that’s got to be worth something.

– Margaret

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