You Used To Be Me

Little Town


I recently read a Thought Catalogue post on how to have the best summer ever, and while I agree whole-heartedly with every bit of advice, I just don’t think I can get down with listening exclusively to Top 40 for four months. I can feel brain cells dying at the thought. Here’s where Air Marshal Landing comes in. These three Toronto boys are bringing summer music to us moody indie lovers, and have even thrown a Death Cab reference in to make us feel more at home.

The release of their debut LP, You Used To Be Me, is set for June 4th, but until then we have “Little Town” to keep our ears busy. The track is catchy as hell and has a dance-y Two Door Cinema Club air about it that makes listening to “Little Town” without at least tapping your toe next to impossible. And just in case there was too much optimism shining through the song for ya, the tune slows down at the end with a nice little moody indie outro.

Now get off the computer and soak up some vitamin-D on a rooftop patio for me,


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