Lovin’ You Baby


Charles Bradley: What a man. 64, and he is still getting down and groovy on stages all across the world- easily one of the sexiest concerts I’ve been to. May I repeat: he is 64. ‘The Screaming Eagle of Soul’, you will be able to feel how deep Charles Bradley goes when he blesses us all with his funk, soul, R&B vibes. He’s got a sound we are thankful to have heard from James Brown and Otis Redding. Signed in 2002 after a past of homelessness, family tragedy and nomadic hurdles, his music is graciously devoid of greed, naivity, self-indulgence, and the shiny, clean cut corners that infiltrate so much music today. I encourage you to check out this video because Charles Bradley is a man (and when I say man, I promise you, I mean man) that deserves to be worshipped, and deserves to be worshipped on repeat.

P.S.  he always makes a point of hugging as many of his fans as possible. Great man.


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