Things that get better with age: wine, sea glass, Meryl Streep, and Ghostkeeper. The Calgary-based foursome is back with their third LP, Horse Chief! War Thief!, and what an album it is. While mixing influences from rock’n’roll, noise, chant, drone, metal and psychedelia in theory sound like it can go very very wrong, Shane Ghostkeeper (vocals, guitar) and Sarah Houle (drums, vocals) are experts at their craft.

According to a press release, “Horse Chief! War Thief! is very much an album, less a collection of singles. The vast aural textures and atmospheric synths create a sculptural world inhabited by elemental rock songs and strange tales.” Now, normally if I heard a band describe their album like this I’d think they’re egotistical idiots, but in Ghostkeeper’s case, that is a very accurate description of the 11 track journey.

Luella is the first single off Horse Chief! War Thief! and a great showcase of these artists unique strengths. The playful back and forth between Shane and Sarah, quick tempo changes, and synth driven melodies have been stuck in my head all week. And now they can be stuck in yours too. Enjoy!


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